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OK, greets for all
stasorenburg wrote in we_russians
From now i'm starting a new community, let's name it 'we_russians'. I name it after 'we, russians' just because i can't use comma in community name. The main purpose of this community is to show our point of view to all of the world.

So, the first question is - who is the russians in this community ? OK, if you ask me about this you may think that not all of the russians can post here and not all of the russians can disquss here. Yes, it is.

The main purpose of this community is to separate bad part of russians from the most advanced part of them - young, smart and positive. At the moment there are two kinds of russians - those who live by consuming our common budget, and those who work to get the money. These two parts are the most important parts of the current Ukrainian war.

I want to ask our non-budget part of the people to join my community and tell about each own opinion, for a public. You are welcome.

Stay tuned.

First things first
stasorenburg wrote in we_russians
The main question at the moment - what think russian about war against Ukraine ?

OK, this is not a simple question. First of all as i said before, there are two kind of russian. Those who work for food and profit - they are against this war. Those who consume our oil-gas-based budget, they are 'pro' in common. This is the main thing you need to know about the russian now.

Now you can ask me - how many in these parts are present ? I can definitely say that in first part only about 15% of all. The rest of 85% are not only direct consumers but also propaganda-ruled people who do not use Internet. Yes, here about 40% (at least) of the people do not use Internet at all. So if you think that we are monolithic - this is wrong opinion. We are not. Two parts are present and they are not equal.

If you remember second world war, all things are started from ignorance. This is what we feel now, ignorance regarding us, the small part of russian who understand the possible disaster which can happen from this situation. That's because i've started this community and this is the reason: to be presented for all the people around the world.

Please subscribe to our community to be informed about our position against this war. Thank you very much.

Information sources
stasorenburg wrote in we_russians
As i said before, there are two main parts of the russian community. And each part have it's own source of information.

  1. independent media - this is the source for the minority of our community

  2. TV channels that are ruled by the governevent - this is the source for the most of the community

Now i want to talk about first part, because it is most important part. If you can push some info to most-thinking people, you are winner. That's because our most popular service called livejournal was captured by government. They just bought it and now are using to push lie to all, using it to alter the mind of the protesters. At the moment this was failed just because importance of this information source is compromised. Only selected bloggers are accepted to be a source for the information and even this information is double-checked.

Regarding the second part. The information presented to TV-viewers are very bad performed. This is the very bad of kind of propaganda. Russian tv-viewer is not critical-minded, so any dirty lie can be consumed. They are not using Internet, so cannot to compare what they see on TV with what Ukrainian write in Facebook or any other media. This is the game with only one goal and this is what we have to deal with it.

Unfortunaltely there are no many ways to push truth to the people. We are perceived as aggressors despite we just provide only a neutral information. This neutral information is already marked as nazi-information so and we too. Our Ukrainian brothers provide us with actual information about situation, but recently one of most valued websites was overbought by somebody and now provides pro-Putin news, so we are stick to Facebook which cannot be bought by any part of this conflict.

For now we are looking to provide more information in English language, please be in touch.