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OK, greets for all
stasorenburg wrote in we_russians
From now i'm starting a new community, let's name it 'we_russians'. I name it after 'we, russians' just because i can't use comma in community name. The main purpose of this community is to show our point of view to all of the world.

So, the first question is - who is the russians in this community ? OK, if you ask me about this you may think that not all of the russians can post here and not all of the russians can disquss here. Yes, it is.

The main purpose of this community is to separate bad part of russians from the most advanced part of them - young, smart and positive. At the moment there are two kinds of russians - those who live by consuming our common budget, and those who work to get the money. These two parts are the most important parts of the current Ukrainian war.

I want to ask our non-budget part of the people to join my community and tell about each own opinion, for a public. You are welcome.

Stay tuned.