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First things first
stasorenburg wrote in we_russians
The main question at the moment - what think russian about war against Ukraine ?

OK, this is not a simple question. First of all as i said before, there are two kind of russian. Those who work for food and profit - they are against this war. Those who consume our oil-gas-based budget, they are 'pro' in common. This is the main thing you need to know about the russian now.

Now you can ask me - how many in these parts are present ? I can definitely say that in first part only about 15% of all. The rest of 85% are not only direct consumers but also propaganda-ruled people who do not use Internet. Yes, here about 40% (at least) of the people do not use Internet at all. So if you think that we are monolithic - this is wrong opinion. We are not. Two parts are present and they are not equal.

If you remember second world war, all things are started from ignorance. This is what we feel now, ignorance regarding us, the small part of russian who understand the possible disaster which can happen from this situation. That's because i've started this community and this is the reason: to be presented for all the people around the world.

Please subscribe to our community to be informed about our position against this war. Thank you very much.